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Thursday, February 27, 2014

“Put on your best costume and come into carnival”

SPAIN _ Schoolovision 2013 from Valsequillo on Vimeo.

 Our song is an invitation to participate in the festival of Carnival. This is a very important celebration in the Canary Islands in which people come together and have fun through singing, dancing and dressing up in costumes. Creativity, imagination, the unity of people and having fun are some of the values of our Carnival tradition.
Our entire village joined together to celebrate Carnival for you. All of the schools from our town (municipality) participated in the traditional parade. The children danced, played drums and sang the song, “Put on your best costume and come into carnival” which was written by a Canarian songwriter named Sindro Saavedra.
In the video you will see different scenes that incorporate many of the different traditions of our Carnival, for example;
- How a grandma sews costumes for her granddaughters.
- The old tradition of knocking on ones door while wearing old clothes and asking for eggs to make pancakes. You also can watch how they make carnival pancakes.
- How our children invite people to join in the Carnival celebration in the local shops, at the taxi rank, the pharmacy, etc.
- A Carnival parade with floats
- The 2013 Carnival Queen at the stage where the many different performances for the Carnival celebration take place in the capital city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
- A performance by a Drag Queen which has become a world famous Carnival tradition here.
And you can also see our “sardine” that will be burned and which marks the end of the festival.

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  1. The best video and teacher that created it in the world!! Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas!!!